Giant observation Wheel
Giant Wheel


Ever since the London Eye graced the banks of the River Thames for the new millennium, people around the world have re-woken to the potential of the Giant Ferris Wheel as an observation structure and tourist attraction.

Hire out our Giant Wheel and an instant landmark to your event or attraction, whilst giving your guests a previously unseen bird's eye view of their surroundings.

Towering over 100ft (35 metres) into the sky, this impressive structure is one of the tallest rides of it's kind currently travelling in the UK. The attraction has already appeared at some of the country's biggest events, and is also perfect for corporate hire, product launches etc.

Our operations partner De-Koning Leisure has a track record of half a century in the leisure and attractions industry and adheres to the highest safety standards, including HSG175 standard for safe practise at fairgrounds and amusement parks.

The Giant Wheel can be supplied on a concession or revenue share basis, or hired outright. Lets work together to take things to new heights.
Giant Wheel
Giant Wheel standing at 33 metres tall